Linny’s Delicatessen

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You can’t see it that well in this picture of Beverly Drive but the red building at left was Linny’s Delicatessen, which served the best corned beef sandwich in town.  The building went through several other tenants before turning into R.J.’s, one of the more popular places to eat ribs in Beverly Hills before it too went away.  The best corned beef in the vicinity is now two blocks to the north at Nate ‘n’ Al’s Deli. That did not change during the year-or-so in which someone tried to operate a branch of New York’s famous Carnegie Deli in a building between where Linny’s used to be and where Nate ‘n’ Al’s has been for a long, long time and still is. It was the Carnegie in name only and I suspect every Nate ‘n’ Al’s customer ate there once before returning, having learned a valuable lesson, to Nate ‘n’ Al’s.

Next door to Linny’s, you can see an outpost of the Lerner Stores, part of a chain of women’s clothing stores. The famed playwright Alan Jay Lerner (author of My Fair Lady) was of the family that owned the company. At some point, it was replaced by an outlet of Lane Bryant’s, a clothing shop that caters to plus-sized women. This was very convenient for ladies who ate often at Linny’s.

More or less across the street from Linny’s was the wonderful Ontra Cafeteria where I’d be dining often if there were still Ontra Cafeterias.

Also, at the far right of this photo, you can see Melody Lane, which was a popular coffee shop of the day.  It was situated at the corner of Beverly Drive and Wilshire Boulevard.  The white thing at the center of the picture is the dome of the Beverly Theater, a movie palace with an Egyptian decor that showed, at least when I was going there, good ol’ American movies.  I saw Oliver! there and The Twelve Chairs, not on the same double bill.  It was later converted into a jewelry store and was torn down completely in the middle of 2005.

13 Responses to Linny’s Delicatessen

  • Dennis Copelan says:

    I believe Melody Lane later became Blums.

  • David Knopf says:

    Many many years ago, I worked in the mail room at William Morris. The best cheap lunch in BH was a knish to go at Linny’s for $.25. They were delicious and filling.

  • John Hindsill says:

    In 1961 I worked p/t at a small shoe store a couple of doors south of Linny’s.
    I most always started the afternoon before work with a knish (sometimes potato, sometimes meat) and a bottle of Dr. Browns Cream Soda to go. After a few weeks, my boss, Mel–funny I remember his name, but not the stores–had me bring in the same for him.
    David is correct, they were delicious and filling.
    After college and no longer a shoe clerk, I sometimes went in for a full lunch. I could afford it, then.

  • Bonnie says:

    In the seventies I worked in Beverly Hills, and could walk to Linny’s on my lunch hour. This was our favorite place to get roast beef sandwiches, the best I’ve ever had anywhere then and since. The sandwich was on very fresh rye bread, and piled higher than one could imagine. I’m sure it was prime rib sliced thin, but it was never advertised as that, just roast beef. I hate that this place is gone!

  • Lois Sherman says:

    Who was(were)the owner of Linny’s??

  • David says:

    Lois, the owners of Linny’s were my grandfather, Max Krauthamer and his brother-in-law Morris Schneider.

  • Randy Bash says:

    Linny’s was my family’s deli. My sister and I ate there often.

  • Kym Bash says:

    Yes, my sister Randy and I ate there often. I’ve never found a better bowl of bean and barley soup anywhere. I still miss this wonderful deli.

  • Mark Kraus says:

    This was my birthday restaurant as a kid. What a deli . I still remember my 12th birthday when comedian Phil Silvers came in.

  • Ace Diamond says:

    Linny’s was the ‘go to’ deli in Beverly Hills,the only one (I believe) at the time.
    Existed before Nate’n Al’s. My then wife introduced me to it as an after school hangout with her college buddies. I recall the sauerkraut & half done kosher pickles served gratis before your order was taken.
    I later had an office nearby & frequented Linny’s at least once weekly for lunch. Could usually spot one or two celebrities there. Imagine a knish for two bits! The matzoh ball soup,best in the West.

  • Les Schwartz says:

    …ate there often in High school. Used to see Danny Thomas often. Also saw Cyd Charisse, Tony Martin, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. circa 1958.

  • Jeremy Dunbar says:

    Never went to linnies because I was born in 1996 but I always have wanted to because Moriss Schneider is me and my sisters great grandfather so its our family history

  • Quigs says:

    “Dennis Copelan says:
    August 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm
    I believe Melody Lane later became Blums.”

    I remember Blums as being on the southeast corner of Wilshire & Beverly Drive. As a student, I went there for the wonderful orange ice cream sodas that I always ordered with 1/2 a tuna sandwich. I loved that restaurant and was so sad when it closed.

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