One of the fanciest restaurants in Los Angeles was located at 9040 Sunset Boulevard, just west of Doheny. A man named Ken Hansen originally opened it across the street in 1947. Ten years later, he moved into its more famous location and began serving Scandinavian cuisine to a rich and famous clientele. His sister-in-law, Teddy Hansen, served as the hostess in charge of greeting and seating the beautiful people and she knew everybody.

My family had some wealthy friends who would sometimes take us there and the thing I remember most vividly is the service. There were waiters everywhere and if you dropped a napkin, six people would converge on you to pick it up, fold it, iron it, offer you a new one and tuck it into your belt. I do not remember the food being especially notable but I remember the fuss they made about every patron. One of our wealthy friends had an allergy to margarine and as he strode in the door each time, he would immediately be greeted by name by a male maitre’d, who worked alongside Ms. Hansen and who I recall as being very much like the one played by John Cleese in the “Mr. Creosote” sketch from the last Monty Python film. He would welcome our rich friend, remark that he recalled the man’s allergy to margarine and announce that he personally would go into the kitchen and remind the chefs that no margarine was to be used in the preparation of our order. That was the kind of personal attention that built Scandia.

In the early seventies, the Hansens sold Scandia to magazine publisher Bob Petersen, he of the automotive magazines. By then, the character of Sunset Boulevard was beginning to change. Other businesses in that area, including the Roxy nightclub and the Rainbow Bar and Grill, attracted a younger, rowdier crowd. Every night, police were busting drug dealers within yards of Scandia, and it did a lot to drive Scandia’s older, wealthy clientele to other, newer eateries. The place finally closed in 1989.

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  • Reneer says:

    Need help. There was a very cozy restaurant in the late 70’s where my mom and I would go get warm pistachio cake with vanilla ice cream after work at Cedars Sinai. I could SWEAR the restaurants title had the word “Melting” in it, but people think I’m thinking of the Melting Pot and I’m not unless The Melting Pot has changed that much. this place had a neat outside patio with little white lights everywhere. It was in the same neighborhood (or the same area) as Hamburger Hamlet and others. They were all within a couple miles of each other.

  • Pete Taggerez says:

    Scandia appeared in the 1968 movie “The Sweet Ride.”

  • Ted Hill says:

    I remember going there in the 60’s with Dick Horner x fullback. For LA Rams. To thier yearly kick off lunches. Loved it.

  • Paula Doss says:

    The last time I was there was for dinner in 1986. They had the best Ceasar Salad Dressing!! The Chef made it with a touch of anchovy oil instead of adding whole anchovies on top like most people do. It gave the dressing a subtle hint of the sea. Fabulous place – but it was a little old fashioned and I think the author was right about the neighborhood being more friendly to the local heavy metal rockers than the clientele that frequented the restaurant. Bygones….

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