The Brown Derby

The one on Wilshire near the Ambassador Hotel

At one point, there were several of them in Los Angeles but only one (the one on Wilshire opposite the Ambassador Hotel) was constructed so that when you walked in the front door, it looked like you were walking into a giant hat.

That was the original Brown Derby, which opened on Valentine’s Day of either 1926 or 1929 (accounts differ) and moved one block away in 1937.  The other main locations were (1) near Hollywood and Vine, (2) near Wilshire and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and (3) at Los Feliz Boulevard and Hillhurst in the Los Feliz area.  There were also a few short-lived ones in other spots.  All served mostly American fare in a semi-plush manner with very attentive service.

Apart from the gimmick of the name and pretty good food, they had two things going for them.  One was the Cobb Salad, which was invented at the Brown Derby, which was owned by the Cobb family.  As the delicacy caught on in other eateries, there was much publicity as to where it had begun, and many people wanted to go and try the original.  Many people also wanted to dine where the stars ate, and that was an even better reason to dine at the Derby.  Like many restaurants where the big attraction is celebrity clientele, the proprietors advertised their famous patrons by covering the walls with their caricatures.

The one near Hollywood and Vine

The Brown Derby near Hollywood and Vine was situated in area from which many network radio shows were broadcast, so stars were always eating there.  It was not uncommon for the cast of a program to do a performance for the East Coast, then repair to The Derby for food and libation before returning to the studio for the West Coast transmission.  This caused the Brown Derby to be mentioned often on their shows.  When TV shows began to emanate from some of the same studios in the fifties, there were occasional live remotes from that Brown Derby.  The Ralph Edwards show, This is Your Life, always began by surprising some celebrity, often in a location very close to the studio from which the program was telecast.  During the years that This is Your Life came from the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, they often used the Derby, which was right around the corner.  The night Edwards surprised Harold Lloyd there, Groucho Marx was in the next booth (on a break from filming You Bet Your Life at NBC’s nearby Sunset and Vine studio) and Marx began heckling Edwards as the latter attempted to hustle Mr. Lloyd across Vine Street.  Well, who wouldn’t want to eat in a place where that kind of thing happened?

The Sunset-Vine Brown Derby also had a lovely banquet room and courtyard so it was the scene of many wrap parties and show biz press gatherings.  All that “in” spot mystique spilled over to the Beverly Hills location and gave it a similar rep.  On I Love Lucy, when Lucy, Fred and Ethel arrived in Hollywood and wanted to go somewhere to see the stars, they went to the Brown Derby…where Lucy caused a plate of food to be dumped on the head of Brown Derby regular William Holden.  That was probably good for another five years of tourists flocking to the place.

The one on Wilshire in Beverly Hills

Eventually though, business declined and Brown Derbies began closing down.  I was an occasional patron of the Hollywood/Vine one in its last years, largely because I was working on a TV show that taped at the Sunset-Gower Studio a few blocks away.  I recall being impressed with the history but unimpressed with the food…and somewhat bothered by the obsequious service.  The host and waiters fawned over everyone who walked in the door like they were royalty and it seemed awfully antiquated and phony, at least to me.  In any case, it was no longer the kind of place where Groucho and Bill Holden might drop by for a bite, so its main attraction was gone.

That Derby closed in ’85, the same year the Los Feliz branch turned into a night club.  In the last few decades, much effort has gone into preserving the giant hat from the Wilshire location as a historical landmark.  The only remaining Brown Derby is located at the Disney-MGM Studio theme park in Florida.  I don’t know why they don’t buy the big hat and just ship it on down there.

65 Responses to The Brown Derby

  • Nancy Patterson says:

    Hello. I have a couple of Wine Bottles from The Brown Derby. I am looking to sell them. There are 3 Brown Derby 1982 California Savignon Blanc. On the back it has A Cartoon pic of Carole Lombard, 1934,and a little story from benny Massr.
    Thank you

  • Larry K says:

    Reply to Mark re your posts of April 22 and June 30 looking for Brown Derby items: See my post of October 10, 2013 — I have a 1947 luncheon menu you might be interested in. Not sure if this item is common or if it is rare and worth something. Pls let me know if you are interested in it. Thanks.

  • Mark says:

    Larry thanks for the post regarding your menu, but I have most menus. Looking for harder to find items. Thanks again.

  • tracy Morin Hart says:

    My grandfather was Joseph nelson Morin he was an executive chef at one of the brown derbys in LA , the last night before he passed away he was supposedly catering for lucial ball.. Would love to find more info on him, he left my mom and her brothers when they were very little and headed south then out west where he had 9 more kids whom which I have been in contact with.
    I am a natural cool. Any info anyone has or pictures of him would be so great.
    Thank You,
    Tracy Morin Hart

  • tracy Morin Hart says:

    I’m a natural cook*

  • Marie Escamilla says:

    @ Nancy Patterson: Hi Nancy, I am a Hollywood hobby collector. How much are you looking to sell your wine bottles from TBD for and are they from the actual restaurant not the Disney replica?
    Thank you,

  • Lesley says:

    I have an original Brown Derby luncheon menu dated Wednesday,Feb 9,1938
    It’s not in perfect condition but all the available selections and prices are very clear . Also the wine selection and prices on the back of the menu .
    Trying to find a value and possible buyer.

  • Jeanie Schroeder says:

    I wished I could have seen the brown durby.
    I was born in West Holley wood.

  • Brian McCague says:

    I was the General Manager of the Brown Derby at Hollywood and Vine during the late 70’s. Even at that late date, we still had a number of famous Hollywood crowd coming in the Derby, like Lucile Ball and Sammy Davis Jr. It was a great experience!

  • Bob Massi says:
  • Denice Kennedy says:

    I have an antique Brown Derby Hat in the original box and wondered if anyone nows it’s value? I can send pictures if interested.

  • Clancy Mullins says:

    I have two postcards from the Brown Derby Circa 1940/1950. We are settling an estate and found the photo postcards. We would be happy to donate them to your organization. Please let me know if you would be interested.

  • Syvia, Lady Dhenin says:

    When I was little we lived in the Hollywood Hills and my father said he could walk to the Hollywood Derby in 8 minutes. We went there often. The men had to wear a jacket and tie. If we were returning from the beach the head waiter, Mr. Chilios, would find him a jacket and tie so we could go in. Mr. Chilios also told me I needed an autograph book and he would then take me around to get autographs of all the movie and radio stars. I wish I still had the book.
    When I was in university friends and I would go to the Derby in Beverly Hills and split a client salad. Dividing it into 4 we could afford it and have a lovely lunch. Mr. Chilios had moved to the Beverly Hills Derby and still treated me as if I was the little girl he known most of her life. It was a lovely and fun atmosphere.

  • Luis Torres says:

    Hello my dad worked at The Brown Derby for over 20 years. He name is Rafael but he was known as Jimmy. If any one has any pictures of the staff inside the restaurant I would love to see them, please share. We are having a surprise 80 th birthday party for him this September and I would like to display them, for theatre theme is The Brown Derby. Thank you.

  • JOANNE says:

    Have one of the old candy box derby hats in original box – hat is great but box has some aging on it. Any interest or where else I might look? Thanks

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