Woody’s Smorgasburger III

We’ve had so many messages posted here about the late, luscious Woody’s Smorgasburger that we have to break them up.  This is the third thread of comments.  You can read our article about Woody’s and the first batch of comments here.  You can read the second batch of comments here.  Please continue the discussion on this thread.

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  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Gary ,
    Welcome back …… let the fun begin !

  • CPH says:

    1998-2005 I worked in Willowbrook. I would occasionally come to the El Segundo Woody’s (the last one standing?) for lunch (or sometimes dinner–before that long drive on the 405 to Chatsworth, where I was living at the time). Food was good. I especially liked the topping bar, where you could put just about anything on your burger. If you wanted peanuts (from the sundae bar) on your burger, that was ok. If you wanted beets (from the salad bar) on your burger, more power to you. (I suppose you could put beets on your ice cream sundae as well, but I never tried that!)

    I often took coworkers there, and they thought it was a great place.

    Around 2005 it suddenly closed, and the building remained empty for about a year until it became an IHOP.

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